Who we are!





 Hey, I am Denise, one of the owners of AArts Plaques. Talking a bit about me,  I have 2 passions in life - Art and Animals. I grew up being surrounded by pets and always doing different art courses. It was a strategy formulated by my mum and the doctor to help me concentrate on things. I have ADHD, and by doing art, I could stay focused for long periods doing the activity that I was given. It was fantastic. I have good memories of this time in my life. I painted with different techniques. I did mosaic, decoupage, sculpture, photography, editing and various other art styles. What I didn't know at that time was that all that learning, all those techniques as a child made me a professional artist later in life.

A few years ago, I started volunteering at a zoo to stay close to the animals.  A few years after that, I worked on a tourist farm, which gave me some expertise with more animals and customers. Now, I have returned to work in the same zoo where I previously volunteered as an assistant Zookeeper!  

Now enter AArts I could join my 2 passions, working at the zoo and having an online store with my business partner Rosely, where we make art. It's not easy working in 2 different careers, but these are my passions in life, And I put the same amount of love, effort, and attention to detail into both. 


Hello! I'm Rosely, Denise business partner. I have many passions in life, travelling, gardening, and swimming on the beach where I go almost every morning when the weather allows. I love the sun and being outdoors.
I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a postgraduate in administration. I also have attended several training courses and seminars in Art, computing, and marketing areas.
I started my professional life as a reporter and product photographer, where I stayed for 8 years. I loved it, but life took a turn and I had a great opportunity to change my career to try the corporate world, and after 2 years, I started travelling around Latin America and the USA to manage operational centres of Television Media Measurement. 
Having some years in the Media Industry, working hard, and evolving professionally, I had a strong cancer. I had to step back, stop travelling and take care of myself. When my health allowed me to come back, I worked as a freelancer as a graphic designer, drawing food product packaging and producing videos until 2018 when Denise and I started working together in our online store, the “digitalAArts" -  https://www.etsy.com/shop/digitalaarts, which later was dismembered in 2 websites:
aartsplaques.com  and  aartsengravery.com


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